High School Senior Sitting Fees

Patrick’s “Super Session”, This most popular session includes 50 or more poses, including an indoor session with a unique variety of backgrounds and props. This also includes an “Outdoor Garden Session” for a wide variety of previews. You may bring up to three outfit changes. One may be designated for outdoors.
Creation Fee: $135.00
This session has up to 30 exciting poses with different backgrounds and props. For the senior who appreciates creativity and wishes to choose from a greater variety of previews. You may bring up to two outfit changes
Creation Fee: $79.00
This session has up to 12 poses, including head and shoulder poses, contemporary modern poses. You may bring one addition outfit
Creation Fee: $59.00
Varsity Jacket – Sports Equipment – Musical Instrument – Cars – Pets
** ONLY sessions above qualify for August Special of $10 off sitting fee **
This session has up to 10 poses, including Head and Shoulders poses taken in your yearbook outfit. Suitable for yearbook and personal needs
Creation Fee: $49.00
Session Additions: add any or all to the above session!
Location fee starts at $150: (Parks, Cider Mills, Ballfields, Downtown Royal Oak). Special appointment required to hold large block of time. Session must be prepaid and limited to 15 miles of studio.


Ultra-Sports Session: Ideal for the athlete wishing to create a "Sports Composite"; $59.00


Black and White: Variety of UNIQUE poses from your session created in Black and White; $39.00


Cap & Gown: Variety of poses (we supply cap, gown, and tassel); $20.00


Buddy Poses: With your Best Friend, Sweetheart, Siblings or Pet; $25.00


Call : (586) 268-6440

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