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High School Senior Sitting Fees

(50 or more poses)
Also includes an outdoor garden session and one or two clothing changes.
Our largest session!

Cost: $99.00 (50% off through July!)

(20 or more poses)
For the senior that appreciates artistic creativity and wishes to choose from a greater variety of previews. Different background and props are used. One or two clothing changes.

Cost: $69.00 (50% off through July!)

(10 or more poses)
Head and shoulder poses. Contemporary modern poses and a variety of backgrounds. One change of clothing is offered.

Cost: $49.00 (50% off through July!)

(4 to 5 poses)
Head and shoulder poses.

Cost: $29.00

Session Additions (add any of these to a sitting type)
Outdoor Garden Session: Several poses outside. you may bring your dog, best friend, or even your car. $49.00

Ultra Sports Sitting: Ideal for the athlete in creating a “sports composite”. $49.00

Black & White: Variety of unique poses made in black & white.$29.00

Cap & Gown: Variety of poses (we supply cap, gown, and tassel). $15.00

Buddy Poses: With your best friend, sweetheart, siblings or pet. $15.00

Add additional clothing changes for $15.00 each